Our Services


On Site Inspection
Connor Sweeping, Inc. understands the importance of having your site free of dirt and debris in preparation for a state or local inspection. If you have an inspection scheduled and need a "clean sweep", call us. We prioritize "inspection sweeps" and can get the job done when you need it. We efficiently remove dirt and debris from roads to bring your site up to standards required for permits and certificates of occupancy.

Preparation for Sales Events, Shows
A good first impression is critical to potential home buyers. We can assist you in preparing the site for Open House and Special Sales events after your crew has completed the day's work. A clean site is a reflection on the quality of your work, and can make a difference in a competitive environment. Connor Sweeping, Inc. is there to help, when you need it!

CS25 Sweeping.jpg

Construction Site Safety and Cleanliness
Regular sweeping and maintenance ensure your workers enjoy a debris-free and safe construction site. Count on us to keep your roadways and runoff systems free of debris. We can provide regular weekly sweeps to keep your site looking its best, or provide on-demand sweeps when required.

Maintenance of Partially Inhabited Sites
A clean site is a safe site and a good reflection on your business. Let Connor Sweeping, Inc. help you maintain the appearance of your business location to the highest levels of safety and cleanliness. Call us for a free evaluation and estimate.